Home Organizing

Imagine a home that feels organized, tidy, and functional. That’s what we’re here for!

Our team of organizers are passionate about finding solutions that actually work for you and your family. 

We understand that life can become chaotic and that chaos can easily be reflected in your living space. That’s why we take a judgement-free approach to help you organize in a way that looks great and will be easy (and fun!) to use.

At Tidyish, we listen. We want to know how you use the space as well as your unique family dynamics and the ins and outs of your daily life! We believe in leaving the cookie-cutter storage solutions behind, and embracing what works best for YOU. 

This means that you will end up with a space that isn’t just beautifully organized with our signature Pinterest-worthy aesthetic, but one that is actually maintainable. 

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Move Management

Moving isn’t a daunting task when you have a dedicated team by your side ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish! Whether it's decluttering before you move, saving you time and money with your movers, or providing full-service unpacking and organizing upon arrival at your new home, our team is passionate about making settling in a breeze.

Leave the stress behind and embark on a smooth move with us! We'll have you quickly settled into your new abode and back into your routines in no time.

Move in to your new, completely unpacked, and organized, home!

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Installation Services

Say goodbye to those builder-grade shelves that just aren’t cuttin’ it

Say hello… to customization! From custom shelving and closets to garage systems and beyond, we've got you covered. Our in-house handyman works within your organizing timeline and is here to help with just about any storage solution you can dream up! 

No more headaches, confusing instructions, or waiting around! At Tidyish, we handle it all, from product ordering to a polished installation.

Installation services are included with your initial assessment and will be tailored to your unique project.

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Our Price Packages

Whether you just need a little boost or are looking for the full VIP experience, our price packages offer something for every family:

*Add-on organizing hours are available as needed*

The following prices provide a general idea of what working with Tidyish may cost.

After your consultation, a personalized quote will be created with your specific space and goals in mind.






Ideal for 1-2 small spaces

Starter tools that will help you feel prepped and ready to tackle your home’s clutter with ease

  •  12 organizer hours
  •   Free product shopping & returns 
  •  Custom labels included
  •  Free donation and trash removal


What's Included:






Ideal for
2-5 spaces

Great for a trifecta of chaos: kitchen, pantry, playroom! Ideal for the busy mom who just wants things done.

What's Included:

  •  24 organizer hours
  •  Free product shopping & returns
  •  Custom labels included
  •  Free donation and trash removal

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Most Popular!






Whole home

ideal for 3-5 spaces

For the family looking for lasting changes that stick like glue. Perfect for a whole home reset!

What's Included:

  • 48 organizer hours
  • Free product shopping & returns
  • Custom labels included
  • Free donation and trash removal

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VIP ONLY: 1 reset session with a Tidyish Organizer

"This team of organizers helped me go through boxes and boxes of things that I truly did not want or need and then built a beautiful organizing system.

They are super kind and truly know what they are doing.

I cannot recommend Tidyish enough...I am thrilled with the outcome!! Absolutely thrilled!"

happy client

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Ready to transform your home into a functional space you’ll absolutely adore?

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